How We Can Make Your Office Excellent

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we offer quality cleaning appointments for our respected customers. Schedule with us daily, so you can keep your workplace clean and disinfected. Don’t need a daily cleaning but still need your workspace freshened up? No problem — we also do weekly services. Not only do we provide cleaning services, we also provide janitorial supplies so you can sanitize while we are away.


As we understand, business owners and employees care about the way their office looks and feels. An uncluttered and sanitary place of business conveys a professional message to employees and customers. So, when you step into an office, what is the first indication that makes you realize you’re in an excellent office? Is it the smell? Is it orderliness? Or the cleanliness? If you said yes to any of these, then we can help.


Aroma of the Office


Whenever we walk into any building, the first thing that hits us is the smell. A foul-smelling or musty odor can turn away potential customers and produce low morale in your employees. A pleasant smell in your office makes the environment enjoyable and may even be relaxing for some. No owner or employee wants unfriendly odors where they work. To make your office not only look clean, but also smell clean, just contact us. We can remove unwanted odors and replace them with clean-smelling aromas that make the room feel friendly and inviting.


Cleanliness of the Office Environment


Have you ever been in a building that is littered with stains all over the floor and smudges covering the windows? If you have, you probably remember how uneasy it was. Well, you definitely don’t want to work in an atmosphere like that. We are specially equipped to clean your office’s carpets and windows. We offer truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that will leave your carpets looking brand new. From carpeting to upholstery, to windows to wood/metal furniture – nothing is too big or too small. A tidy office is not only good on the eyes, but it also shows a level of respect for your image, company, and employees. With the recent health emergency revolving around COVID-19, frequent sanitization of the workplace may also eliminate any harmful allergens and viruses.


We at N&A Commercial Cleaning understand the importance of a clean workplace. It benefits you, your clients, your employees, and your business’s appearance. And with the coronavirus, we know we have the responsibility to disinfect with the goal of exterminating the virus. We have a role to play in safety now.


Is a clean and pleasantly smelling office something you’ve been looking for? To improve the look, freshness, and respectability of your office, contact us at 407-947-7186 and schedule an appointment with us!