How to Make the Office Scentsational

In-between whole-office commercial cleanings, there are a few things you can do to keep things looking and smelling great. Unless you live in a lavish office building with luxe amenities you’re probably not used to things smelling “fresh.” This doesn’t mean things are smelling bad, but it probably wouldn’t be a big leap to assume odor doesn’t permeate your mental thought space very often.


Well, did you know scent can affect people’s moods, work performance, and behavior? Try these scentsational tips and tricks to bring a dose of fresh back to the workplace.


The toilet treatment


A drop of your favorite fragrant oil or a fresh smelling cleaning product dropped on the toilet cleaning brush will keep restrooms smelling fresh


Use essential oils


Dab some minty essential oils on light bulbs. It will freshen the air as the heat activates the fragrance. You can also invest in a small oil diffuser if it will not upset any coworkers or employees. Rosemary is a great fragrance for concentration and productivity while Bergamot boosts mood and Lemongrass increases energy.


Buy some plants


Not only do plants instantly brighten a space, they also help to filter the air, improving overall air quality throughout your office or workspace.


Use carpet refreshers


Baking soda can also be substituted, but there are a number of scented carpet  powders that can be sprinkled onto surfaces prior to vacuuming.


Keep things ventilated


One of the best ways to combat odor is by keeping areas well ventilated, whether through the use of fans or merely opening some windows (should weather permit).


Scented candles


Again, depending on employee and coworker preference you can place scented candles throughout the office or on your desk that you can sniff throughout the day.


And when you’re ready for your next commercial cleaning, call N&A Commercial Cleaning.