How to Deal With Graffiti and Vandalism

Has this ever happened to you?  You wake up in the morning and get ready for work. Grab your briefcase and head out the door (probably with a cup of coffee in your hand) and start your morning commute. But once you’ve pulled up to your business, your jaw drops.


There is fresh graffiti all over the side of your building. Now what are you supposed to do? Maybe you’re having a business meeting at your office that morning or interviewing contractors for an upcoming project. Or maybe nothing is happening at all, but you still didn’t want to have to deal with your building being tagged.


Here’s what you should do if you find graffiti on your building:


File a police report


Vandalism is an illegal act, so you should call the police immediately and file a report. It may be the work of someone they’re already aware of but either way, documenting the incident is always best.


Clean it sooner rather than later


The sooner you address the graffiti, the easier it will come off. If you allow it to sit it’ll be much more difficult to remove. Check to see if it’s spray paint, marker, or regular paint and then use the appropriate cleaning tools or call a cleaning company, like N&A Commercial Cleaning, who will.


Install motion detecting lights


If you have large areas of exposed wall that keep getting tagged, it may be worth the investment to install motion detecting security lights. This can scare away many vandals.


Hire a night guard


If vandalism is a big problem for your business, you may think about hiring a night guard to watch the premises during off hours.


Schedule regular commercial cleanings


N&A Commercial Cleaning has the equipment and well-trained technicians available 24/7. We’ll be there when you need us. We pressure wash with powerful, eco-friendly cleaners to remove graffiti. Then we clean the entire area that has been vandalized while also removing other types of malicious damage done to your property.


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