Hiring The Best Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning CompanyYou get what you pay for. If the janitorial company doesn’t pay their workers well, it will reflect on the cleanliness of your business. Don’t let a dirty restroom be the deciding factor in your customer service.


A janitorial service is responsible for your clients’ first impression of you, your business, and your staff. A dirty office, waiting area, and entry speaks volumes about your firm.  If you don’t care what your business looks like, what makes you think a client believes you will care about them?


If you’re a landlord, a dirty presentation of a house, office, or building can chase tenants away.  All they see is the dirt and germs.  You need a cleaning crew that cares about their work and are proud to leave behind a job well done.


Now, ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Ask about training, turnover, requirements for hiring, background checks, and very important, does the cleaning company you are interviewing offer training for their workers?


You want to ask them how you can contact them? What is the turnaround time on a request?  Who do you contact in case of emergency? Are they available 24/7 for emergencies?  If you get the answers you require to provide a clean environment for your employees and your clients, then you’ve found a good cleaning company.


Do they accept credit cards? Electronic transfers? Are they insured? Do they have Workers’ Comp for their employees?  Don’t assume you are covered with your insurance.


When you meet with a prospective vendor, make sure they ask detailed questions about your business. Don’t hire them if they don’t.  Ask for 3 references and their staff should provide a background check.


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