Why Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Service

When your office looks great, it shows your customers that you care. Your business environment can make or break your business.  It’s a business card!  We’ve all seen dirty public restrooms that should be condemned.  The same feelings can occur when you have an unkempt office atmosphere.


A clean office encourages cleanliness. It also promotes a germ-free place to work.  Hiring a pro cleaning service is the solution.


The pro cleaning service you hire should provide a well-trained staff. They should wear uniforms. They should bring all necessary cleaning supplies with them.  They should have up-to-date cleaning equipment.  The janitorial service you hire should be able to clean your entire office including restrooms, kitchen areas, employee lounges, carpeting, upholstery, windows, and floors.


Your potential cleaning service will evaluate your office space and adjoining kitchen, restroom and break room areas.  This is the time to ask questions and take notes.  A checklist of services to be done is important. Know what to expect.


If cleaning is done during business hours, personnel should wear badges and be personable to your staff. They should know ahead of time which areas to clean and which to avoid. Inside windows are often included in a contract as well as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and things that are done only periodically. Hard flooring should be damp mopped daily. Vacuuming can be done after hours.  Entry areas should always be spotless.  All surfaces should be wiped down with a sterile solution. Environmentally safe, fragrance-free cleaning products are preferred to prevent allergic reactions.  Trash containers should be emptied every day.


Make your place of business a pleasant place for everyone. Never assume your customers don’t mind a “little mess” because if they don’t return, you may never know.