How To Get Rid of Dust-Bunnies Fast

You’re sitting at your desk in the late afternoon, the sun is shining outside, and you’re looking forward to heading home soon. That’s when you see them—those pesky dust bunnies dancing frivolously around the floor and under the furniture. You may even see a cosmic array of dust glitter in a ray of sunlight shining through the window.


The only problem is that your next thorough office cleaning is weeks away. And you’re expecting an important client to visit the office in a few days. Short of calling your commercial cleaner, what can you do to perk up your office space in a hurry, making it look freshly cleaned?


This is actually a pretty easy problem to solve.


Grab the right tools


If you have a dust mop, that’s great but a Swiffer® dust pad also works great to capture the dust bunnies from under and around furniture. A vacuum can also come in handy.


Use proper dusting technique  


Spray a dust grabber product on a clean cloth and wipe the furniture first. This includes lamps, tables, and other office furniture.




Use a vacuum brush on lampshades, chairs, upholstery, windowsills, and anything else that collects dust.  You can also spray a mist of water onto a cloth. This will hold the dust as well.


Don’t neglect corners and crevices


Dust loves to settle in window sills, around décor and lobby items, and around baseboards in high traffic areas. Take your dust mop and/or vacuum and be sure to hit these oft-overlooked places.


You can do an additional once-over a few hours before your client arrives to ensure you have a sparkling clean office.


For future cleanings, call N&A Commercial Cleaning for all of your commercial cleaning needs including  last minute cleanings – always on your schedule at affordable prices.