Freshen Up Your Office Space

There’s a difference between “needs to be cleaned” and “needs to be freshened up.”


It’s easy to keep things clean between major cleanings. It all starts by never letting things get out of control. For example, if you can, empty trash bags daily or implement a rotating office chore chart if you don’t have a professional cleaning service.  At the very least you can use the following tips to help your office look fresh on a daily basis:


  • Use window cleaner and paper towels to clean the glass on pictures
  • Freshen mirrors once a week with window cleaner
  • Wipe down computer screens, keyboards, and other accessories
  • Remove clutter that accumulates around work stations
  • Keep boxes and other unnecessary items out of the main office area and in the storage room
  • Keep bulletin boards organized and relevant by removing outdated information
  • Wipe down appliances in break rooms and consider using paper dishes and cups


Always be prepared for unexpected visits from new or previously established clients.


At the end of each week, a quick vacuuming of carpets is recommended but is not written in stone. A Swiffer® mop can do wonders for spills on hard flooring. They are inexpensive and can save the day.


Create a schedule for all employees to follow. Everyone should pitch in. Who doesn’t appreciate a clean working environment?  Draw names monthly for cleaning assignments because team work is important.


When your commercial cleaning service arrives on their scheduled day, they can concentrate on the big items that need cleaning like upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other major cleaning projects.


If it’s time for a major cleaning and you don’t already have a cleaning service, call N&A Commercial Cleaning. We clean it all, inside and out. We offer free consultations and around the clock service.