Four New Challenges to the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Four New Challenges to the Commercial Cleaning Industry

Since late 2019, the cleaning industry has spent a lot of time in the spotlight. It has taken a frontline position in the health and safety of the population by demonstrating best practices in cleaning and sanitation. As needs evolved and technologies advanced, the cleaning industry grew and played a major role in keeping people and places safe. Over this same period of time, consumers and business owners have developed an appreciation for the cleaning industry and what it can provide for them. In this new normal, the continued importance of enhanced cleaning methods is clear. However, this creates four distinct challenges as the cleaning industry heads into 2023 – retaining talent, maintaining profitability, changing regulations and compliance, and demonstrating quality service and delivery.


Retaining Talent

In any service industry, but particularly in the cleaning industry, the ability to hire can be unpredictable. Due to the labor heavy work involved in the cleaning industry, the labor pool is often scarce with more jobs available than applicants. Job seekers hold the power, and our employment opportunities need to offer hours and benefits that fit their needs. In addition to benefits, access to the best tools and latest technology available in the industry helps our staff learn and grow within the industry.


Maintaining Profitability

Profit is not easy in the commercial cleaning industry and that’s how we afford the best tools and latest technology. Typical profit margins are in the single digit percentile due to an increase in competition and increasing labor costs. Maintaining profitability is a constant battle.


Changing Regulations and Compliance

Particularly after the pandemic, government regulations, compliance requirements, and even client needs are constantly changing. The office staff must be up to date and ready to adapt to any new regulation that happens or risk incurring a large fine or citation. Clients are also showing more interest in greener products, social responsibility, and sustainable products. Together, this has created a radical transformation in the commercial cleaning industry.


Demonstrating Quality Service and Delivery

Clients like to see evidence of service, which can be difficult to make visible. But if you lack visibility into your workforce, it will be difficult to confirm where cleaners are, when cleaning rotations are complete, and the status and quality of task completion. Without visibility, there is a risk of liability if a problem arises, or a hazard is not addressed.


These four challenges can cause struggles for the cleaning industry as we head into 2023, but the last few years have shown us that we are ready to meet these challenges. We will continue to adapt and grow our service offerings and the skills of our workers. For more information on how we can help meet the cleaning needs of your business, contact us for a free cleaning estimate.