Four Fall Cleaning Tips

For some, Fall means pumpkins, turkey, apple cider, and changing leaves. For others it means brittle leaves being tracked all throughout the office, cold and flu season, and dust dust dust.


If you’re in the latter camp, or in the former camp but preoccupied with the issues of the latter camp, then you might be searching for some actionable cleaning solutions to combat the less-picturesque aspects of autumn.


Thankfully, N&A Commercial Cleaning has curated a list of four fall cleaning tips to keep your business germ-free throughout the season.


1. Wipe down your computers


This is something that should be done regularly throughout the year, but even more so during cold and flu season when germs and viruses are at an all-time high. Keyboards, mice, monitors, and towers should all be wiped clean on a consistent basis. Keeping some hand sanitizer near communal tech gadgets like printers and copy machines is also a good preventative measure to stave off unwanted illness.


2. Give the kitchen a deep clean


Office kitchens rarely get the thorough cleaning they need to reduce the risks of germs and contamination by employees. During the fall season, show this sensitive area some extra TLC by hiring a professional cleaning company like N&A Commercial Cleaning to empty all the nooks and crannies that you might normally overlook.


3. Professionally clean carpets and hardwood floors


Especially in areas of high traffic, with all the crunchy fall foliage and extra debris in the streets and on sidewalks, you’ll start to notice your floors don’t stay as clean as they do in the spring and summer. If your floor is stone, consider springing for a sealing treatment to prevent any scuffs, staining, or etching during the coming months.


4. Clean out the closets


If your office routine includes putting up stored decorations for the fall and winter holidays, consider giving those storage spaces some extra attention. Those decorations have been in a dark room for months accumulating all sorts of dust and dirt—so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a quick cleaning as well.