Five Ways to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Green Leaves Of Plant Flower Spathiphyllum.

You may already take steps to be more environmentally friendly at home, from reducing your water usage to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Did you know that your office can also protect the environment? Becoming environmentally friendly does not have to require huge changes. Here are five easy ways to make your office better for the environment:


Bring in Reusable Containers

There are many single-use containers and utensils found in a break room. Instead of purchasing hundreds of plastic cups that will end up in landfills, stock the cabinets with enough coffee mugs for everyone. You can also encourage the staff to bring in their own mugs to use and store at work. Replace plastic cutlery and paper plates with reusable ones that the staff can use during lunch.


Add Plants to the Office

Indoor plants are not only an easy way to decorate the office, but they also purify the air. Clean air reduces the risk of diseases such as asthma. Some great plants for the office include peace lilies and English ivies. Most indoor plants only need a bit of indirect sunlight and water to thrive, so they are very easy to care for.


Promote Recycling

The typical office environment has many supplies that can be recycled. Bring in some containers that your employees can place recyclable items in. Paper is commonly recycled. If there are confidential documents to be disposed of, remember to shred them before placing them in the recycling bin. Break down old cardboard boxes and recycle them. You can also look into providing supplies that are recyclable, such as stationary.


Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products have harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for wildlife. Look at the products you use and search for environmentally friendly brands and items. You can even make cleaners yourself using safe ingredients commonly found at home.


Reduce Energy Usage

A workplace can use a lot of energy. You can reduce the amount by making small changes. For example, start by changing the light bulbs to LED ones. These bulbs will last longer and are 80 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs. Next, encourage your staff to turn off any electronics they are not using. For example, turn off the light in an empty room or power down computers when not in use. Not only are you protecting the environment, but you are also lowering the monthly electricity bill.


In Conclusion

Becoming more environmentally friendly at work can be very easy. The most important thing to do is to be mindful of the products you use and how much energy is being spent. Once you and your employees commit to making changes, you can create a more mindful workplace.