“Erasing” The Smoke Screen

Stale smoke can stick. To fabric and walls. Nicotine left behind by cigarette smoke has a habit of lingering. If you’ve ever tried to clean away the remnants of smoke, you know how difficult it is.  You’ve tried room sprays, odor eliminators, and washed the walls. As a last resort you may have even painted over the residue. Watching in horror as the paint begin to peel.


You’ll probably have to scrape the paint off but there is a path through the smokescreen. Whether in an office space or your home, clinging to furniture or walls, the secret to eliminating heavy smoke odor is the same.


Dry clean the walls


There are sponges made specifically for this job. Made of vulcanized rubber. A substance that absorbs the sticky residue. Start with the ceiling and work your way down to avoid dripping all over yourself. When the sponge surface is covered with residue, carefully remove the dirty layer of the sponge to reveal fresh sponge. Then continue.  There are additional instructions on the label of the sponges depending on the brand.


Wet cleaning


TSP-PF is a phosphate-free product that comes in powder form. Use a regular sponge for this step. Definitely wear old clothing. When the ceiling and walls are thoroughly washed, remove excess solution and allow the walls to dry.


Prime the walls


The walls and ceiling may look clean, but there’s one more step. Priming before painting will seal the surface and cover any remaining odors. Buy a good primer. Talk to the paint expert at the store where you purchase the primer. Patch damaged areas first.


Paint the walls


Your walls and ceiling are now ready for paint. Apply two coats of latex interior paint. Once again, follow directions on the product.


If you don’t have the time to do-it-yourself, call N&A Commercial Cleaning. We’ll clean and prep your walls for paint saving you a lot of time.