Enjoy Holiday Festivities Without Office Mess

Even in the workplace, the holidays can be a joyous time filled with parties and shared goodies. Holiday parties often improve workplace morale. But the holidays can also be a messy time of year and this messiness can be a cause of distractions during working hours. The increase in outside food and beverages being shared by many people can also lead to an increase in germs hiding around the office leading to an increase in illnesses and absences from work. To keep all the fun and avoid germs, here are four tips to keep the office clean and productive.


  1. Keep treats confined to one designated area. At the end of each day, make sure everything is covered, properly stored, or thrown away to avoid sticky messes or attract bugs. The area should also be wiped clean before treats are put out and after they are put away for the day.


  1. Keep decorations tidy. When purchasing office decorations, you should minimize items that naturally fall apart and make a mess such as garland, tinsel, or items with a lot of glitter. Instead, consider plastic or ceramic decorations and lights to create a festive atmosphere without making a bigger mess in the office.


  1. Hold the holiday part off-site. If you really want to have the whole company and their significant others attend a gathering for the holidays, consider holding the event somewhere other than the office. This means that there will be plenty of festive fun without disrupting the office with extra tables, chairs, and food, reminding employees of work while at the party, and without the extra cleanup.


  1. Take advantage of the holiday break and get in extra cleanings. Many people take advantage of the more relaxed atmosphere during the holiday season and take time off. This is a great time to slide in an extra office cleaning to start the new year fresh!


Workplace productivity doesn’t have to suffer to enjoy the holiday season. By keeping treats to a designated area, decorations tidy, and the holiday part off-site, your workplace can have a festive holiday season. While many are enjoying time off with their families, N&A Commercial Cleaning can take care of the cleaning to make sure your office starts the new year fresh. Our staff is prepared to help with any cleaning situation you may have. Give us a call to schedule your holiday or routine appointment. Happy Holidays from all of us here at N&A Commercial Cleaning!