Eliminate odors and keep the office fresh

Eliminate odors and keep the office fresh


Offensive odors can really ruin a space if not dealt with in a timely manner. They can come from all sorts of things: garbage that hasn’t been taken out, food left in the kitchen fridge, tracked in debris from outside, and even smoke and sewage odors.


Here are some tips to keep your office smelling fresh.



Invest in an automatic spritzer


These devices are great for restrooms! They can be configured to spray at various time intervals ensuring an always-fresh restroom experience.


Air fresheners


Scented candles and other air freshener products are great to distribute throughout the office in several locations. Some spray fresheners are also good practice to keep on hand to have your space smelling fresh always.


Change the trash


Empty trash containers daily and if spills have occurred inside the trash containers, clean them out with soap and a disinfectant, then rinse thoroughly with water. Let the container air dry before putting a new trash liner inside.


Increase ventilation


Odors persist in areas with poor ventilation and airflow. Flush offending scents by keeping your space appropriately ventilated. Prevent mold and mildew growth by thoroughly drying spills, as this can turn into a breathing hazard.


For strong, tough-to-remove odors, make sure you hire a professional commercial cleaning company that can eliminate strong scents from carpeting, upholstery, draperies, walls, and tile or linoleum floors. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products so you can rest assured that cleaning runoff will not harm the environment.


N&A Commercial Cleaning contracts with highly trained professional technicians that will come to your business or office location where they will determine the cause of the odor and remove it.


When odors develop in your place business, call N&A Commercial Cleaning for a guaranteed fresh clean. You’ll love what we do!