Easy Way to Clean Slip-Resistant Floors

Caution Sign On Floor

Slip-resistant floors, which are also called no-slip floors, are durable and tough. They provide sturdy flooring in environments where spills might otherwise cause workers to slip, from restaurant kitchens to chemical processing plants. Many people believe these floors are harder to clean due to their textured nature; however, slip-resistant floors can be easy to clean when you understand the right way.



How to Clean a No-Slip Floor


Before you can wash a slip-resistant floor, you must remove dirt. Here, janitors can use the same process they would for cleaning any floor: vacuum or sweet away the dirt.



Once your workers have removed all the dirt, it’s time to clean the floor. Here, you need a special product that is designed for no-slip flooring. A product intended for cleaning natural stone or wood floors may not work well on a no-slip floor.



No-slip floor cleaners are often concentrated, which means the chemical must be diluted with water for safe use. Prepare the cleaner following the product instructions, since proper dilution with water is necessary for effective cleaning. A solution that’s too strong may degrade the floor, shortening its lifespan, while one that’s too weak will not provide a sufficient cleansing.



Review the application instruction. With no-slip floor cleaners, some products must be washed off while others do not need to be washed off after use. If janitors wash off a product that’s intended to stay on, it could negatively impact the floor’s protective properties.



To clean the floor, use a hard-bristled brush to work the cleaning product into the flooring. No-slip flooring often has a raised texture, and this brush helps get the cleaner into the crevices. Work in small sections until the floor appears clean, changing the cleaning solution if it becomes too dirty to use. If it’s required, rinse with cool water.



After cleaning, employees must warn passerby the floor is wet. Pedestrian traffic could track dirt onto the freshly-cleaned floor, and people could fall when walking on a wet floor. So not only is this intended to protect the floor from dirt, but to protect employee wellbeing.



Your employees can keep the working environment clean and safe by following these simple steps. If the job is too big, consider hiring a cleaning service, which can effectively clean your no-slip floors and take care of any other sanitary needs your business may have.