Disinfect Your Office with our Janitorial Supplies

With the novel Coronavirus and the reopening process, it’s smart to know the necessary cleaning precautions to prevent the possibility of any of your employees getting sick. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are here to provide our customers with a clean workspace. We can come daily or weekly to do a thorough cleaning of your office. Frequent appointments lead to a disinfected office.


However, in this time, it is still beneficial to clean even when we are busy helping other customers. We provide janitorial supplies so you can tidy up when we are away. Some of your employees may continue to work from home, or it may be safe enough for them to come into the office now. Either way, you and a few others will still be in the office from time to time. Having janitorial supplies close by will be a safe choice.


With your workspace’s very own cleaning products, you can disinfect at any moment, ensuring safety and eliminating viruses. Recognizing the health of your employees during the COVID-19 crisis will reflect well on your business and, most importantly, may prevent someone from getting ill.


Having our janitorial supplies present at all times allows you to disinfect the most vulnerable areas. Here’s a few tips: Make sure you wipe down any flat surfaces, especially the ones most frequently used. Also, repeatedly touched objects should be disinfected. This includes door handles/knobs, keyboards, mouse, pens, staplers, notebooks, phones, and more. Anything used by yourself and/or others should be cleaned.


By ensuring a clean office, you’re doing your part in bringing in a smooth reopening process. People need and want to start going back to work, while at the same time keeping their health safe. Cleaning the workspace may ward off the virus while everyone is returning to their livelihoods.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we understand that our customers in the greater Orlando community are counting on us to help clean and sanitize. Our goal is to make sure our valued clients have a fresh workplace and to protect them from sicknesses as best as possible. If cleaning supplies and daily/weekly appointments are what you are looking for, call us at 407-734-1728 today!