Did You Know Cleaning Deters Crime?

Need a good reason to keep your business building or office clean? Did you know that opportunists target businesses that look poorly-maintained and unkempt before they hit a clean one? It’s true.


In fact, vandalism is one of the top crimes committed against businesses today. And it’s been shown that buildings and offices that are kept clean and tidy are vandalized less often.


In 1969, renowned social psychologist Philip Zimbardo conducted a community experiment. He left an average car parked in an average neighborhood for a week. When he returned, he found the car was untouched.  He then moved the same car to a similar neighborhood but this time broke a window before he left it. Within hours, the car was stripped clean of anything of value including interior items and car parts. This experiment has since been dubbed “Zimbardo’s Broken Window Theory.”


Some of the most profitable and well-kept businesses are in areas of cities known for high crime. Yet these establishments are often left untouched by vandals. The reasoning has to do with perception.


Buildings and businesses—or cars—in poor condition or in states of disrepair say to vandals, “Nobody cares about this thing– this thing is abandoned” because surely if someone cared for this property it would be better kept.  


If you’ve ever thought that it doesn’t matter how clean your building exterior is, think again. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we know the benefits a thorough cleaning can provide to your business. That’s why we take pride in keeping businesses clean and professional inside and out.


Outside we pressure clean walls and sidewalks, inside we clean breakrooms, bathrooms, lobbies, and much more.


If your business is due for a cleaning or if you’d like to schedule regular maintenance, call N&A Commercial Cleaning.  You’ll love what we do.