Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing is Beneficial for Businesses

Commercial Cleaning Services

The term commercial cleaning covers a wide variety of cleaning methods and specialties. Commercial cleaners specialize in cleaning businesses such as office buildings, medical facilities, and attorney offices rather than residences. It requires training and knowledge about different types of cleaning methods and familiarization with varying uses of chemicals to clean different spaces. They handle usual cleaning like vacuuming, wiping, and dusting, but also can handle more rigorous deep cleaning or sanitizing needs. Not sure what’s special about each of these types of cleaning? Here are a few common commercial cleaning terms defined.


Deep Cleaning


Too many people (and cleaning companies) consider their job done after running a rag with cleaning solution over counters, cabinets, and tables. This is not deep cleaning. Deep cleaning involves ceiling to floor care that leaves a space sparkling. A few deep cleaning specific activities include high dusting, window cleaning, grout care, and baseboard cleaning.




Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, sanitizing was an overlooked method of cleaning that can drastically reduce the number of germs present and help keep employees healthier. Multiple types of sanitization processes exist, and the type of sanitization method needed depends on the nature of the surface that needs to be sanitized and the environment that the surface is in.


Medical Facility Cleaning


Hospitals, medical and dental clinics, and therapy centers are just a few examples of facilities that might need help with waste management, avoiding cross contamination, and maintaining a clean and sanitized environment to keep patients healthy. Companies cleaning these facilities frequently wear personal protective equipment both for their protection and for the protection of the patients that may be present while they clean.


Office Disinfection


With office attendance slowly increasing again after the pandemic, many business owners are re-evaluating how they clean their office space. In addition to cleaning of personal areas often done by employees, common areas are more frequently being deep cleaned with anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleaners as well as some business owners adding sanitization procedures to their regular service rotation.


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