Declutter Your Office With These Self-tidying Ideas

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are here for you if you need a daily or weekly cleaning. We understand your busy schedule, and we hope to take extra stresses away by making you and your employees’ workspace nice and fresh. A clean workspace leads to higher company morale and enjoyment in the workspace.


Of course, there are actions you can take to clean the office yourself when we aren’t around for a daily cleaning. While we handle the big cleaning projects, you and your employees can focus on the little ones. Personal cleaning jobs like your desk could go a long way in decluttering. Read on for a few self-tidying tips at the workspace.


Assess your desk.


If you have the time, remove every paper, pen, pencil, etc.… from your desk. From there, you can figure out what you do or do not need. Put back what you use consistently. You’ll be surprised how much extra pens and paper clips you may have. With less loose objects floating around on your desk, you will feel decluttered and less overwhelmed.


Dust your desk.


While we do most of the dusting, there is still some desk dusting you can do. While every object is off your desk, remove any dust from areas you couldn’t get to before. Dust carries harmful allergens that could cause sickness. The less germs and dust bunnies on your desk, the better.


Put items where they belong.


Instead of haphazardly placing office supplies anywhere on your desk, put them in a respective spot. Have a drawer, shelf, or bin designated to pencils, documents, and other necessary items. Don’t leave random objects lying around, adding to unnecessary stress. This strategy will also make it easier to find something you need quickly.


Not only do we offer daily or weekly cleaning appointments, we also offer janitorial supplies, so you have the specific resources when we aren’t there. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we want only the best for our valued customers. We take pride in serving our community. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will go the extra mile to solve any problem. If a frequent workspace cleaning is what you need, then call us at 407-734-1728 to schedule an appointment.