Computer Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, these days most of our time is spent in front of a screen. The average workplace these days has several computers from desktops and laptops to video conferencing software and smart boards. Often touched by multiple people throughout the day, but how frequently are these surfaces cleaned?


Here are some tips to keep your computers clean and germ-free:




The keyboard is arguably one of the dirtiest components of a computer, collecting dust, dirt, skin flaks, and food particles. Lay something over your desk and shake out the keyboard to eliminate some of the larger particles that have fallen between keys. If you have access to a pressurized air can, go through the keyboard with this to free smaller, trapped dirt and debris. Once you’ve removed as much as you can, go over the keyboard with some technology-sage cleansing wipes. Keep the wipes at your desk to swipe over the keyboard at the end of the day to maintain your clean as long as possible.




Your mouse can collect lots of dirt, dust, and debris as well. It’s also an easy way to transfer bacteria around. Spray pressurized air around sensors and inside creases and use a clean damp cloth to wipe the outside.




You’ll notice the condition of your computer screen far quicker than you might notice grime accumulating on keyboards and your mouse. This makes sense since you are staring at the screen for the majority of the day. However, don’t just swipe a dingy screen with water and a cloth unless you want streaks. For sensitive computer screens, microfiber towels and specialized screen spray should be used.




The most crucial element of any computer is the tower, and just like the rest of the machine, it will accumulate dirt and dust over time due to the several internal fans. The accumulation of this dust and debris is among the leading causes of computers over-heating, as the particles damage the internal mechanisms. Use the pressurized air again to free the fans of any dirt, dust, or particles, and then go over the outside of the tower as well.