Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows are to your business what eyes are to your face. They influence how you’re perceived and can affect the overall impression of your business. Here at N&A Commercial Cleaning, our goal is to provide optimal window cleaning services at prices you can afford and we offer several plans to fit a variety of needs.


Here are some window cleaning tips guaranteed to leave you with a streak-free shine and a smile:


1. 50% distilled vinegar and 50% hot tap water

Mix in a spray bottle for an eco-friendly and cost-effective cleaning solution


2. Moisten the windows with the solution

Then use a sponge, or preferably, a microfiber cloth or towel to wash the windows.


3. Squeegee excess liquid from the window panes

This is the best technique for crystal clear glass. Damped the squeegee first and clean from the top down, making sure to wipe the squeegee’s edges after each stroke.


4. Clean when it’s cloudy

This may seem counter-intuitive but sun can cause windows to dry too quickly, leaving streaks or water spots behind.


5. For VERY dirty windows, pre-wash first

With soapy water then proceed through steps 1 through 5.


Window cleaning is one of the most important things we do here at N&A Commercial Cleaning. Your windows are your eyes to the outside and your customers’ eyes to the inside.


Protect your window glass from scratches and spots by having them cleaned regularly. We’ll put you on our regular schedule for timely cleanings.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning today for a free estimate and don’t forget to ask about our other commercial cleaning services – all professional, all the time!