Commercial Cleaning When You Need It!

We aren’t concerned about the size of the job. We’re concerned about making your office shine. You only have one first impression. Make it a good one.


Commercial cleaning companies are not all created equal. Some companies come in, clean, and then leave. Sometimes the customers are happy, sometimes not so much.  It’s hit and miss. The reason you hire a commercial cleaning company is to keep your office space sparkling for your clients. A dirty work space can bring into question how you do business.


A good commercial cleaning company will set up a program for you; daily, weekly, or monthly. You will know when they will be there and what they will be doing. They should be bonded and insured.  Restrooms are especially important. A dirty restroom can make or break a business decision.


Accidents happen can happen on your unscheduled cleaning day. Will your cleaning company stop by for an unplanned cleaning? Can you depend on them in an emergency?


A commercial cleaning company will usually do most of their work when your business is closed. Are you 100% confident that the job will be done right when you’re not there? Is your office safe?  Will you have to come back behind them and clean what they missed?


Got a big business meeting coming up?  Is your cleaning company up to the task?  Will they clean your kitchen area, floors, upholstery, windows, blinds, bathrooms, refrigerators, and the entire conference room?  These are important concerns.


Your business and your clients deserve the best.  Call us today. We will go over your property with you. We want you as our customer.  We will give you a fair estimate on your needs and we’ll put it in writing.