Cleaning Tips For Post-Valentine’s Day

Did you think that even Valentine’s Day needs some cleaning tips? You probably wouldn’t have until after the cleaning tragedies occur. All you probably thought about was a lovely, romantic night with your significant other. However, this year, if you’re spending time with a loved one, you can be prepared for the post-Valentine’s Day cleanup. Get your notes out!


How Did Those Stains Get There? 

The day after Valentine’s Day, you might wake up in a slight daze and wonder, “where did these stains come from?” There’s a lipstick stain on your pillow case, a wine stain on a dress, or a food stain on your jacket. Is there any hope for recovery? Yes! And all you have to do is soak the items in some soapy luke warm water and hand wash. Use an old and soft bristled tooth brush for those stubborn stains.


Throw It In The Trash? 

Make sure you throw all wrappers, crumbs, or cans in the trash, but don’t act too quickly on empty wine bottles. They could be used as a nice memory and a lovely plant holder. No-soil plants will look great sitting on your window sill complimented by the wine bottle.


Overdosed On Chocolate? 

Did you receive a nice and big box of your favorite chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Were you able to control yourself and eat just one or two? Yeah, us neither. We’re all in the same boat and probably woke to some nasty and sticky chocolate stains. Luckily, all you have to do is use a stain remover solution consisting of some lemon and vinegar. If that isn’t readily available, use some mild soapy water. Hopefully you didn’t stain your white dress, but if you did, reach for a bleach pen or some fabric paint after removing the chocolate gunk.


Candle Wax Everywhere?

Did you light some candles for a romantic mood? Did you forget to put something underneath so the wax could catch? Well, no fear, even carpet can be wax-free if you know the right methods. Grab a hair dryer and a plastic putty knife. Turn on the dryer and start scraping off the wax! It’s done that easy.


Trouble Cooking? 

If you attempted to make a nice dinner for your significant other and had some unfortunate bumps across the way, you might have some serious cleaning to do. Wipe down the countertops, wash the dishes, and clean the stovetop. If you burned anything, then there might be soot on the walls. So use a dry sponge and soak stains little by little with water or vinegar.


This Valentine’s Day, have a great time with the ones you love, but also be aware of the cleaning that needs to take place the next day! Keep these tips in your back pocket and let love flourish.