Cleaning Tips That You Don’t Consider

Most of us aren’t fans of cleaning, however, we do recognize it as a necessary process. Most of us, could also use a little help. If you’re not a professional, then you probably know the basics, but not too much past that. You make sure you sweep the floors, do the dishes, mop the bathroom, etc. But there are some cleaning chores that you’re overlooking. Here are a few that you should incorporate into your cleaning routine.


Wipe Your Purse

If you have a purse or bag that you carry around, then it likely carries around not just your necessities, but also germs. We touch the bag daily and leave it everywhere, but rarely clean it. Half of women’s bags have fecal bacteria. Yeah, so gross. So wipe and disinfect regularly.


Fight The Must 

Most people have baking soda in their fridge to fight the smell. But have you ever considered the smell of your linen closet? You can do the same thing to fight the musty smell in your linens.


Clean The Small Things 

Ever considered how dirty your kids toys are? How about your tooth brush holder or pet’s food dish? These small items in the household may not seem like a big deal, but they can get just as dirty as anything else. It doesn’t even have to take much effort to get these items clean if you use the dishwasher! Yes, you can clean more than dishes and you’ll be able to clean in one easy sweep.


Silence Squeaky Floors 

This is not necessarily a cleaning tip, so much as a life tip. You can silence squeaky wood floors by pouring baby powder and sweeping it into the cracks. Simply wipe away the excess and enjoy some silent bliss.


Eliminate Coffee Mug Stains

If you’re big on coffee, you’ve probably experienced a coffee stain at least once. If you’re lucky it wasn’t on your shirt and just in your favorite mug. Thought that the stain would be permanent? Well, actually, you should just use a little toothpaste and it will come right off!


Clean Your Plants 

Plants aren’t something that everybody thinks to clean right away. However, cleaning your plants is essential as they collect dust and other debris. Dust with some mild soap and water and then use a paper towel to dry. Here’s the interesting part: use a drop of mayonnaise to shine the leaves. It really works!


Clean With Coffee

You probably already know that a mirror needs to be cleaned every so often. But, you probably never considered using coffee filters. Using coffee filters instead of paper towels leaves the mirror without lint or streaks. Get going!


Follow these tips and don’t overlook any cleaning items that should be on your chores list. You’ll definitely get a better, cleaner feel in your home. If you don’t have time to add a few things onto your list, perhaps consider contacting a professional cleaning company.