The Cleaning Supplies Every Office Should Have

Let’s face it. Many businesses have a cleaning service. Employers and staff are working hard to build business and often don’t have the time to keep an office spotless.


While it’s unlikely employees will break out the rubber gloves and start scrubbing, there are some things all offices can do to help keep things tidy between professional cleanings:


No food at work stations


Technological equipment rarely gets cleaned. Think about it, how many times have you wiped down your keyboard or mouse? What about your monitor and surrounding desk area? Now imagine adding food particles to that mix. If you work on a computer during your work day, it’s a good idea to wipe things down every once in a while. At the very least, keep some hand sanitizer nearby and use liberally.


Employees should clean up after themselves


Food items in and around employee breakrooms, bathroom cleanliness and supplies, any and all communal spaces. Each employee is responsible for keeping their work area clean as well as the spaces they share with coworkers.


Proper kitchen etiquette


Food stored in the refrigerator should be dated and all food should be tossed after 2 days to prevent odors. Have employees wash and dry any dishes used and put them away.


Access to cleaning supplies


Just because you have a cleaning company doesn’t mean you should solely rely on them. It’s important for every office to have accessible cleaning supplies to deal with the inevitable spills and accidents. A container or caddy for carrying cleaning products from place to place is helpful. Your office cleaning caddy should have window cleaner, all-purpose spray cleaner, sponges, scrub brushes, and paper towels. Other office cleaning staples are a broom, dustpan, mop, small bucket, and assorted cleaning products for quick cleanups.


With all this in mind, you’re ready for most pesky accidental spills. For major jobs and thorough deep cleaning a top-notch cleaning crew from N&A Commercial Cleaning is only a quick phone call away.


With cleaning programs to fit many different budgets, N&A is proud to be your trusted partner in helping to keep your business beautiful.