10 Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Smoke Damage

This year the United States and Canada have seen a staggering number of wildfires which has necessitated hundreds of evacuations. But what is the best way to clean a property that has suffered smoke damage?


Here are ten things to keep in mind for smoke damage cleaning:



Protect yourself


Whenever working in areas that have suffered fire or smoke damage it’s important to wear the appropriate protective gear including disposable dust masks, respirators, and gloves.


Be aware of cold zones


Smoke seeks out the coldest areas of a property and it’s these areas that often see the most damage. Approach these areas only with the proper safety gear.


Test for contamination


Swiping windows with a white tissue is an easy way to assess potential contamination. Light brown or brown dust is consistent with normal dust, however grey or black residues indicate contamination and should be handled by professionals.


Do not use electronics


The soot on the surfaces and in the air can interfere with the internal circuitry and contaminate the inside of the unit.


Dispose of open/exposed food


To avoid the risks of possibly ingesting toxic carcinogens, properly dispose of all open or exposed food and drink items.


Seal doors and windows


This is more of a preventative measure for businesses and properties that are near an active fire. Sealing off the building as much as possible can prevent harmful smoke from entering the building.


Make use of air purifiers


This can help purge the air of harmful smoke particulates and toxins.


Replace furnace filters


In the beginning stages of cleaning smoke damage, it is important to replace furnace filters frequently (every few days or weekly, depending on the severity of the damage).


Call the professionals


This is by far the safest and preferred method for dealing with smoke damage as novice cleaners may miss areas of smoke contamination.