Cleaning hardwood in the workplace



Some businesses avoid hardwood flooring due to maintenance costs and it’s known susceptibility to damage. But N&A Commercial Cleaning specializes in all types of flooring including hardwood. The only secret to keeping hardwood floors in good shape is to use the right products meaning cleaners, polishes, and sealants.


With proper care and maintenance, you can avoid the costs of refinishing hardwood for many years, necessitating only occasional resurfacing to keep floors in great shape.


Our cleaners, polishes, and waxes are safe and effective on all hardwood flooring and eco-friendly so you can be sure you’re being environmentally responsible even down to the floors. After we’ve thoroughly cleaned the floors, we polish them to a deep shine, bringing even the dirtiest of floors back to its original beauty. Regular cleaning and attention will keep them sparkling.


We remove dirt and grime from the surface and crevices in the floor using our own special process: First, we thoroughly vacuum the floors to reach debris that has been ground deep into the surface, providing a smooth base for the rest of the cleaning. Once completed, our powerful high-efficiency machines can scrub, polish, and sanitize the floor to a brilliant shine. A thorough cleaning truly reveals the hidden beauty of any flooring, but this is especially the case with hardwood. Following the machine treatment, we carefully rinse and dry the floors, and apply a protective coating to seal and protect the surface.


Keeping commercial hardwood floors looking beautiful doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially in high-traffic areas. We’ll even show you how to care for your floors between cleanings.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning and find out how easy it is to maintain wood flooring with just the right amount of care.