Has Your Cleaning Company Quit You?

Many cleaning companies look at their clients as a declining investment. Even though your service agreement lays out all the monthly charges for your desired services, it’s not uncommon to be underquoted to secure the contract. After an introductory period of service, you may start to notice corners being cut and cleaning quality dropping.


Here are some warning signs to look out for with your commercial cleaning company:


  1. New people are constantly showing up


It’s no secret that turnover in the cleaning industry is high (200%) so it’s reasonable to expect some degree of natural crew turnover. However, if you are met with a constant stream of changing faces that may point to management issues within the company. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, if we have hired someone new who will be assigned to your business, we always introduce them to you first. You are our valued client. Trust is important.



  1. Your service issues are receiving longer and longer response times


We’re only human and sometimes things can get missed or overlooked without intending to. Although, if you are starting to notice it’s getting harder and harder to get ahold of your service contractor it may be time to find a new company. N&A Commercial Cleaning sets you up on a schedule so that your space is always clean and well-maintained.


  1. Your Point-of-Contact is frequently changing


One of the biggest indicators of problems within a company are high amounts of manager-level turnover. If you find yourself constantly dealing with new crew leaders or point-people, this may indicate an unhealthy culture within the cleaning company. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we check on our staff at random to make sure they are always in compliance with our high standards.


  1. You and your staff are pointing out more cleaning oversights


When you go the extra step and hire a commercial cleaning company, you expect them to make your life easier. But the odd cleaning task might still find its way up the ladder every now and again. However, if you and your staff are constantly making comments like: “The men’s room is out of toilet paper again” and “The conference room trash bins haven’t been emptied,” you may have a bigger problem. N&A Commercial Cleaning understands commercial undertakings. It’s our business. You, our customer, are the #1 priority.


  1. Their cleaning equipment is old or broken


Do you notice electrical tape covering frayed or exposed cords and wires? Maybe a piece of equipment is frequently giving the crew a hard time. If their equipment is anything other than in prime condition, this could be a sign that your contractor is no longer investing in your account. Old equipment just doesn’t cut it at N&A Commercial Cleaning. Our staff are trained to use the latest technology in the janitorial industry. We believe the best tools provide the best possible outcome.


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