Clean Up Your Building’s First Impression With Pressure Washing

Clean Up Your Building’s First Impression With Pressure Washing

When businesses are looking to hire a commercial cleaning company, they are usually worried about how the inside looks to visitors and if their employees are staying healthy. However, the first impression that your business makes on its employees and visitors is its exterior. Is your parking lot well-marked and easy to navigate? Are your sidewalks free of weeds and mildew buildup? Are the windows clean? Many of these issues can be handled with pressure washing.


Pressure washing is the use of extremely high water pressure with an industrial power washer attached to a water supply such as an outdoor hose. It can remove layers of caked-on dirt and grime, including oil and grease stains from parking lot cement, in a very short time. Because of the dangers associated with the extremely high water pressure, it is recommended that pressure washing only be done by a professional.


Pressure washing increases the curb appeal of your business. Weeds and mildew buildup on sidewalks or even in the parking lot can create an unkempt appearance and create hazardous walking situations for visitors and employees.


Pressure washing is also good for the environment. Pressure washing can strip deep-set stains, rust, and even surface corrosion with only water. By cleaning only with water, you reduce the negative impact on the environment from harsh cleansers.


Pressure washing promotes material conservation. Too often, business owners think there is something wrong with the building itself rather than just a layer of dirt and grime. They look at options for new exterior siding or stucco which can get pricey when regular pressure washing and maintenance will keep the exterior looking good for a much longer time. With regular pressure washing services, you reduce the need for frequent surface replacement, which means sending less materials to the landfill.


Show the exterior of your building as much care as the interior by having pressure washing done regularly. No job is too big or too small for the experts we employ at N&A Commercial Cleaning. We can handle all your pressure washing needs, other exterior cleaning options like windows, and all your interior janitorial needs. For more information on how we can help you have the best maintained building in your industry, contact us for a free cleaning estimate.