How To Clean Glass and Mirrors Like A Pro

Reflective surfaces such as glass or mirrors really open up a space. However, keeping these easily-soiled surfaces clean and sparkling can be a challenge. Glass collects dust and fingerprints, smudges and smears, and inadequate cleaning techniques can leave behind streaks or lint. So what are the best ways to keep these surfaces shining?


1. Invest in the right tools


Cleaning windows and glass with cleaner and a paper towel is certainly convenient but will provide you with an inferior clean. For best results—and a streak-less clean—get your hands on a squeegee, microfiber cloth, or chamois.



2. Use simple non-toxic cleaners


White vinegar, distilled water, and a little lemon leave windows looking crystal clear without harsh chemicals. One part white vinegar, four parts water, and a few drops of lemon essential oil (optional).


3. Start from the top


Always start from the top of the surface. That way, while you’re cleaning, dust, dirt, and other debris can fall down the glass/mirror only to be wiped away once you reach that area. If you started from the bottom and moved up you could disturb dust or dirt causing it to fall over freshly cleaned areas.


4. Line the sill with towels


Especially when dealing with wooden sills. This prevents fallen debris from settling into the crevices of the wood, making it more difficult to clean.


5. Wet the cloth not the surface


A novice technique is to spray the surface with cleaner and subsequently wipe it away using a cloth. However, this contributes to streaks if you are unable to buff away the cleaner quickly enough and drips can cause dirt to get trapped in seams and corners. An alternative approach would be to lightly mist the entire surface.


6. Circular AND straight-line motions


In places where you see spots or streaks, use small circular motions. Once spots are removed, use straight vertical and then horizontal lines to ensure the surface is streak-free and sparkling.


7. Cotton swabs for corners


Remove dirt that’s settled or fallen into corners with cotton swabs or a soft bristled toothbrush.


8. Buff it out


Finish off the surface by buffing with newspaper or a soft cotton t-shirt/cloth to polish. And voila! Clean glass and mirrors.


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