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Three Benefits to a Clean Service Store

In the past, we have talked a lot about cleaning offices and the benefits that result. However, we not only clean multi-unit office spaces, we also clean service stores, such as auto repair shops, salons, travel agencies, tutoring classrooms, and more. No matter what kind of business you run or what type of building you’re […]

Disinfect Your Office with our Janitorial Supplies

With the novel Coronavirus and the reopening process, it’s smart to know the necessary cleaning precautions to prevent the possibility of any of your employees getting sick. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are here to provide our customers with a clean workspace. We can come daily or weekly to do a thorough cleaning of your […]

We Are Here to Clean Your Retail or Service Business

Are you the owner of a retail store, auto repair shop, hair salon, or other similar business? Is reopening amid Coronavirus becoming a daunting task? If so, we at N&A Commercial Cleaning are available and prepared to help. A thorough disinfecting of your business will keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. In the […]

Three Benefits to Having A Clean School

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we not only clean offices, we also clean schools. Our specially trained technicians are ready for any school cleaning job they may do. We understand that maintaining your school building by cleaning and disinfecting is important for students, faculty, and staff members.   A tidy school may lead to some amazing […]

We Are Prepared to Help Stop Any COVID-19 Spread

With the recent spread and threat of the novel COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, ensuring you have a clean workspace is important not only for the respectability of your workspace, but also for the health and safety of your employees. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are ready and equipped to disinfect your office and stop […]

We Clean Dorms and Apartment Buildings

By now, you know that we clean workplaces such as offices. But did you know that we also clean dorms and apartments? We service dorm room floors, including both textile and carpet. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe both the place you live and work should be clean. We strive to provide quality cleaning service […]

Best Areas to Keep Clean in an Office

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe a good cleaning strategy is the best possible way to get the job done. We want the workspaces we clean to have quality and fresh results. When tidying up an office, it’s important to clean the crucial areas. Certain areas have more foot traffic and meetings than others. Prioritizing […]

Why Hire a Cleaning Service for Post-Construction Cleanup?

After any building project, a reasonable mess is left behind. Debris, heavy dust, caulking, strewn tape, and unwanted paint occupy the whole area. This mess can become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have much experience in where to start with the cleanup. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we provide quality post construction cleaning for our customers. […]

Benefits of a Clean Carpet

In a workspace, you and your employees prefer everything to be clean—clean desks, tables, chairs, windows, and kitchen. One of the most important items in an office requiring cleaning is the floors, especially the carpets. When they are clean, the whole room feels clean. The last thing you want to see when coming into work […]

Stay Proactive on Cleaning the Workplace

Planning ahead is always important. Whether it’s for games, business strategies, or events, a proactive mindset makes life flow more smoothly. You can apply this principle to office cleanliness.   At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we want only the best results for our customers. We can come to your workplace for a daily or weekly cleaning. […]