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Keeping A Clean Desk Is Beneficial For Your Office

In a business office, you want your desk to be clean, organized, and tidy. Dust, stains, or other clutter may add unnecessary stress and possibly create a home for harmful allergens. The last thing you or any of your employees want is an unsanitary desk. Your workspace is where you spend a good portion of […]

Keep the Workspace Free of Allergens

  With fall and winter rolling in, weather changes can also usher in an unwelcome season of sickness. The cold temperatures and busy holiday activities do not help and only worsen any allergies or colds you may suffer. During this time of year, your office should be sanitized to make sure any germs and allergens […]

A Clean Workspace Impresses Your Clients

Are you looking for more ways to impress your customers and clients? The presentation of your business is an important aspect of running your company. You want your business to look top-notch. One way to impress your clients is by keeping your office tidy and clean. A clean workspace is an effective way of displaying […]

Exterior Cleaning is Just as Important as Interior Cleaning

When thinking about a workspace, most of us usually consider the inside of the building but never the outside. However, the cleanliness of the exterior is just as important as the cleanliness of the interior. The muck and grime growing on the outside of your building is never an appealing site. We have the equipment […]

Tips for Quickly Cleaning Your Workspace

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe in the benefits of a daily or weekly cleaning. Frequent cleaning always keeps your workspace fresh and presentable. However, there may be times when you need to clean in the work area without a whole cleaning crew. Fortunately, we also got you covered for that case. Not only do […]

Four Benefits of Daily or Weekly Office Cleanings

Have you ever looked around your office and thought, “You know, this place could sure use a clean”? A clean office is something that all company members want. Working in a tidy and comforting workspace gives a sense of relaxation to what could have been a stressful day. Think for a second about the better […]

Keep Your Office Clean to Keep Your Staff Healthy

Keeping a workspace clean is very important. From impressing clients and customers with a tidy space, to ensuring employees are working in a neat and comfortable area, a clean workspace can provide various benefits. And one of the most important benefits to clean conditions is keeping the staff healthy. When a staff’s working conditions are […]

Easy Way to Clean Slip-Resistant Floors

Slip-resistant floors, which are also called no-slip floors, are durable and tough. They provide sturdy flooring in environments where spills might otherwise cause workers to slip, from restaurant kitchens to chemical processing plants. Many people believe these floors are harder to clean due to their textured nature; however, slip-resistant floors can be easy to clean […]

Five Ways to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

You may already take steps to be more environmentally friendly at home, from reducing your water usage to bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Did you know that your office can also protect the environment? Becoming environmentally friendly does not have to require huge changes. Here are five easy ways to make your office […]

Keeping Your Office Clean is Important Business!

When it comes to promoting a healthy staff, preserving your overall image as a company, and creating an inviting and productive atmosphere, your starting point should always be the cleanliness of your physical workspace. Read the following reasons why maintaining a neat and sanitary work environment is of the utmost importance:   You never get […]