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Fall Cleaning Gets Your Business Ready for the Upcoming Busy Season

You have probably heard a lot about spring cleaning. Maybe you even spend the first warm days cleaning out your closets and looking for items you could repurpose, sell or give to charity. Spring cleaning has become an annual rite of passage for not only homeowners but also business owners as well, but what about […]

We Keep Your Workplace Clean so You Can Focus on Growing Your Business

As a small business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats, from troubleshooter and customer service liaison to paycheck provider and retirement plan provider. Given all of the responsibilities you already have, taking time to clean the premises after a hard day of work is not a viable solution, but you have choices […]

We Can Help Your Building Stay Clean for the Recent Upsurge in Covid Cases

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Whether it is a daily or weekly appointment, we’ll be there to make the place look spotless and smell fresh. Our cleaning technicians are specially trained, and we clean an office or building as if it was our own. From carpeting […]

N&A Commercial Cleaning is Dedicated to Trust

If you’ve read our past blogs or have browsed the main page of our website, you’ll know that we specialize in daily and weekly cleaning appointments. Frequent cleaning is a great way to keep your office in tip top shape, getting rid of any stains on the carpets, smudges on the windows and dust on […]

We Love Serving Orlando and the Surrounding Communities

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we love serving Orlando and the surrounding areas! These cities are home to wonderful destinations such as theme parks, quality restaurants, high-end shopping, top-notch office buildings, festivals, and other unique commercial structures. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with our services and are honored to add to the great […]

Deep Clean Your School Building This Summer

Now that summer is here and school is out, it’s the perfect time for school buildings to be deep cleaned. During the summer, schools will be relatively vacant, so the usual everyday causes of clutter will be gone. Now’s the opportunity to have a thorough cleaning of the school building before the school year kicks […]

Let Us Help with Post Construction Cleanup

The hassles that come with constructing a new building, whether it is residential or commercial, can pile up. Property purchase, development, management, construction, deadlines and legal compliance add to the stress and work. Once all the construction is over, many parties are eager for the new or refurbished building to be used. That’s where we […]

A Clean Study Area Helps Students

  If you have read our past blogs and social media posts, you may have seen us advertising how we clean workplaces such as offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, and even retail stores. However, we also provide services to workspaces used most frequently by students. That includes libraries, campus buildings, tutoring centers, and classrooms. Students of […]

Clean Tiles Equals a Professional Look

Anyone who has tile in their house or commercial building knows the problem of dirty grout. Dirt, mold or algae can build up between each square. The same issue is true for tile used on the exterior of a building. As the grime builds up over time, the outside can look unnecessarily unkempt. We at […]

The Benefits of Clean Floors

Whether your office has carpets, hardwood floors, or both, we can keep them looking clean and spotless. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we understand that floors are an especially important part of the workplace. When we glance across the room to walk, our line-of-sight lands on the floors. A dirty carpet can carry foul odor, harmful […]