Keeping Things Clean Between Cleanings

Keeping an office clean between commercial cleanings can be a challenge. But, with the right strategy, it’s more than possible and easy to do. Here’s how:


Empty waste baskets daily


Each employee can pitch in and empty their own waste basket at the end of the day.


Mop up spills


Keep a mop and bucket handy or invest in a Swiffer® floor cleaner. They work wonders for in-between cleanups and spills.


Pre-treat stains


Stains on upholstery won’t set if you immediately absorb the liquid with paper towels and keep a can of foam upholstery cleaner Spray on at the end of the day and vacuum in the morning.


Keep an inexpensive vacuum cleaner in your store room


It’s the best investment you can make for those in-between mishaps. The vacuum cleaner should be used in the waiting area every evening.


Keep disinfecting wipes handy


Each employee should wipe and clean their work areas with alcohol daily. This includes phone, keyboard, and desk top.




Can be kept tidy if everyone plays their part. Mirrors should be given a once over weekly.


Employee break rooms


Who cleans the fridge? Well, everyone can pitch in. Date everything placed in the fridge. If it’s not gone in 2 days, it has to go. Don’t wait for things to smell bad.


With the above tips being followed, your office can look great between cleanings. Use eco-friendly cleaners to avoid odors. If everyone does their part, your office will remain tidy until your next major cleaning.


When it’s time for that big cleaning, consider N&A Commercial Cleaning.  With our 5-star rating and reputation for dependability and spotless work habits, you’ll love what we do.