Best Areas to Keep Clean in an Office

Best Areas to Keep Clean in an OfficeAt N&A Commercial Cleaning, we believe a good cleaning strategy is the best possible way to get the job done. We want the workspaces we clean to have quality and fresh results. When tidying up an office, it’s important to clean the crucial areas. Certain areas have more foot traffic and meetings than others. Prioritizing places where the most people will be safeguards against sickness and makes the workplace look respectable.


What are some of the best areas to ensure a good cleaning? The following three areas are important places to maintain cleanliness on a consistent basis:


Conference Room


Client, budget, and many other kinds of meetings all take place in the conference room. Since the conference room is a busy place many people frequent throughout the day, you want to make sure it is clean to reduce the risk of harmful germs and/or allergens. A thorough wipe down of any surfaces such as chairs and tables should do the trick. When a professional business room is clean, it reflects back on your company positively.


Kitchen and Break Room


In an area where people prepare and eat food, it’s smart to ensure that the room is clean. A thorough cleaning of the kitchen and break room prevents possible colds and other sicknesses. Keep paper towels and bleach wipes on hand instead of sponges that breed mold. If necessary, post cleaning expectations in writing so each employee contributes to keeping counters cleaned, taking out the garbage, and throwing out old food in the fridge. It’s always nice for employees to have a tidy place to eat while they are on break.


Your Personal Desk


You don’t want to work in a cluttered area. When your desk is dusty and dirty, it can bring unnecessary stress. To relieve stress, tidy and organize your personal desk and office. Keep papers in an organized system so the piles don’t become overwhelming. Also, surfaces like your keyboard, computer mouse, and other items you use frequently can become a haven for germs and allergens. Disinfecting that area may stop you from catching a cold. For more tips on cleaning your desk, read our previous blog, Declutter Your Office with These Self-Tidying Ideas.


Keeping your office respectable and making an effort to ensure your employees won’t get sick from the workplace are vital objectives to prioritize. While you maintain the areas above, we can come in and clean on a deeper level and help with bigger areas like bathrooms and floors. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, our goal is to provide the utmost care for our valued customer. We understand your need for cleanliness, which is why we strive to make our cleaning services satisfy every customer. Call 407-734-1728 to schedule a weekly or daily cleaning appointment.