Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Woman giving thumbs up in rubber gloves holding cleaning productsThere are many benefits for businesses to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can have an effect on, not only the cleanliness of a business, but also the work environment, employees, customers and possible profit margin of a business.


Commercial cleaning companies can be cost-effective for both large and small businesses. Although the cost to hire a commercial cleaning company may seem higher, there are hidden fees associated with having in-house staff maintain the cleaning. According to the National Contract Cleaners Association there are several hidden costs involved with having an in-house cleaning staff. The costs may include employee wages and benefits, cleaning materials, cleaning equipment, training, and time to oversee and manage the cleaning staff. For many businesses hiring a professional commercial cleaning company may be a cost-effective investment.


For businesses there are several benefits to having a work environment that is maintained by a professional commercial cleaning company. A clean work environment can improve employees’ motivation and job performance. Removing dust, mold, allergens and other substances that can diminish the air quality can improve the overall health of employees. This leads to less sick days, more work days, improved focus and work performance. A clean work environment can also improve the image employees have about the company they work for. A clean business environment can also improve the image customers have of a business.


Certain businesses can benefit from hiring professional commercial cleaning companies, not just for their offices but extensions of their businesses. For example real estate agencies that stage homes may benefit by making hiring a professional commercial cleaning company as part of their staging design. A professional cleaning could improve the look and smell of a home before the home is to be staged and sold. A professional commercial cleaning company can get rid of those issues were regular cleaning isn’t enough such as smells caused by pets or smokers, and mold & mildew issues. A professional cleaning from a commercial cleaning company can also rid a house of the musty smell older homes, or homes that have been closed up tend to have. A well cleaned home can be attractive bonus to real estate customers and the agencies selling the homes.


Having a commercial cleaning company already doing scheduled cleaning of your business environment can also be helpful during emergencies. Some professional commercial cleaning companies offer 24 hour emergency services. These services may include clean-up due to water damage from flooding or leaks, fire and smoke damage, and post crime scene clean-ups. For emergency clean-up situations, a commercial cleaning company that already maintains your business will already understand your post emergency clean-up needs.


Hiring a commercial cleaning company to maintain your business environment can be a cost-effective investment. A clean business environment not only looks good but has many benefits. Improving employee health and work performance, being attractive to customers and improving the brand image of a business are a few of the benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company.



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14 April 2016