Beautify Your Business

Pressure cleaning your walkways and parking area can make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal for your business. Discolored, stained or moldy cement is an eyesore. If your business looks dingy, it can affect your bottom line. Customers are drawn to well-cared for businesses. When your building, windows, sidewalks and parking areas are clean and maintained, you will attract more business than the unkempt business down the street.


Power cleaning your building is also important. Mold, mildew, and city dirt is a detractor. Make your business stand out from other businesses.  It shows you care.


N&A Commercial Cleaning will clean your business property inside and out. We take pride in what we do. We want you to look good starting at the curb. A good cleaning can look like a new paint job.


Moving inside, does your entrance sparkle?  Is the carpet clean, is the floor swept and free of debris, are the windows clean with a clear view outside?  This is important to your future clients. They may not walk in with a magnifying glass looking for dirt, but most people have a first impression at the entrance to a business.  If your business looks messy, it appears that you don’t care.


Walking into an auto mechanic’s garage, you expect to see some grease and grime. But walking into a business, if your office looks messy and dirty, you could be losing business.


Call N&A Commercial Cleaning and ask about our office maintenance programs. We can help you attract clients with a thorough cleaning, polishing, pressure washing, floor scrubbing, window washing, and even outdoor shrub and tree trimming. We’ll also keep your break room and rest rooms spotless for your staff and clients.


What can N&A Commercial Cleaning do for you?