This Thanksgiving, We Want to Thank Those in the Midst of the Pandemic

  We at N&A Commercial Cleaning want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. While this year has been a tough one, we want to remain grateful for all that we have. Throughout this pandemic, we have taken on the new responsibility of health safety. Disinfecting any possible germs and viruses at the workplace is how […]

How We Can Make Your Office Excellent

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we offer quality cleaning appointments for our respected customers. Schedule with us daily, so you can keep your workplace clean and disinfected. Don’t need a daily cleaning but still need your workspace freshened up? No problem — we also do weekly services. Not only do we provide cleaning services, we also […]

Now is Time to Prepare for The Coming Flu Season

As the flu season begins this month, it’s good to get prepared for potential illness. According to the New York Times, some experts are concerned that the flu season along with the already existing coronavirus threat can lead to what they are calling a “twindemic.” Some have speculated that more new cases will crop up […]

Why Choose N&A Commercial Cleaning?

We don’t take cleaning lightly. When it comes to the task, N&A Commercial Cleaning always delivers careful attention to detail and quality cleaning with our appointments, making sure we eliminate any sicknesses and leave the place looking and smelling fresh. We understand that there are numerous other cleaning companies to choose from in the Orlando […]

The Most Frequently Touched Items in Your Business that Need to be Cleaned

At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are aware of the recent new cases of coronavirus that have been mounting over the past months. As a cleaning company, we understand that our responsibility is not only to make the place look nice, but it is also to make it feel safe. We do this by disinfecting your […]

A Clean Church Reduces Coronavirus Spread

We understand that your place of worship is important. As churches slowly begin to reopen in phases, it’s still beneficial to exercise caution due to the novel coronavirus. Along with following the state and county guidelines, one valuable priority is making sure your church is cleaned and sanitized when parishioners arrive.   At N&A Commercial […]

With Recent Coronavirus Resurgence, Consider Disinfection

For the last few months, we’ve been busy cleaning office spaces and other workplaces to stop the spread of coronavirus. However, we recognize that our extra vigilance can’t stop. With the recent resurgence of cases in Miami, south Florida, Tampa, and our hometown of Orlando, we know we are needed now more than ever. Sadly, […]

Three Office Spots That Are Most Prone to Germ and Virus Spread

As we start returning to our offices, it’s important that we ensure they are clean so people can stay safe from Coronavirus. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we understand that times are different, and we have a new responsibility of eliminating possible sicknesses. You want your employees to feel safe and have peace of mind as […]

Three Benefits to a Clean Service Store

In the past, we have talked a lot about cleaning offices and the benefits that result. However, we not only clean multi-unit office spaces, we also clean service stores, such as auto repair shops, salons, travel agencies, tutoring classrooms, and more. No matter what kind of business you run or what type of building you’re […]

Disinfect Your Office with our Janitorial Supplies

With the novel Coronavirus and the reopening process, it’s smart to know the necessary cleaning precautions to prevent the possibility of any of your employees getting sick. At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we are here to provide our customers with a clean workspace. We can come daily or weekly to do a thorough cleaning of your […]