April-Changes in the Workplace Don’t Require a Compromise in Cleaning

N&A Cleaning

The last few years have included numerous challenges, including a pandemic. These challenges have created a need for a wide variety of office spaces. Three major changes to the business office environment because of these challenges are a reduced number of employees in the office, a wider range of working hours, and changes to the physical size and layout of the business office.


Number of Employees

The number of employees in the office has been affected by the need to keep employees physically farther apart to reduce the transmission of germs, and due to an initial reduction in production and sales leading to a temporary need for fewer employees. While fewer employees in a space create less mess, more open space is more space that must be cleaned and sanitized.


Hours Worked

To accomplish business goals and maintain the health of their employees, some companies offered alternative work schedules to the typical 9 to 5. Many went remote for long periods and others allowed flexible scheduling such as 7 to 3 and 4 to midnight to minimize the number of people using the office at any one time. This wide range of hours is beneficial to keeping productivity but also disrupts the time available to clean and sanitize the office space.


Physical Layout

Companies had to improve their office space to be flexible to the needs of the employees working in the office. Previously, many offices had tightly packed desks and tables to maximize the number of people in the space, but companies had to shift to a more distanced layout in the interest of employee health. This meant a reduction in available workspaces and more space between desks and groups. There was also a need for furniture that was easy to clean and sanitize so it could be done more frequently.


Changes to the number of employees working in the office, a wider range of hours being worked, and the need to improve the layout of the office space coupled with an increase in remote work have made big changes to the physical office space that companies keep. All these changes have created unique cleaning needs and schedules due to adjusting office layouts, moving to different sized spaces to better accommodate their fluctuating needs, or possibly constructing an entirely new or renovated space. Even with fewer people in the office, there will still be a need for regular cleaning due to general dust and debris. N&A Commercial Cleaning is here to handle all your cleaning needs including move-in, move-out, or post-construction/renovation. Our experienced staff is ready to evaluate what you need and offer competitive pricing on all services necessary to your business. For more information, contact us for a free cleaning estimate.