A Rise in COVID-19 Cases Calls for a Rise In Cleaning

Over the past months, coronavirus cases have been rising throughout the country, including Florida. November saw some big upticks, and December continues to see a steady increase, with some areas worse than others. Since the holiday season, along with the flu season, brought a lot more cases, it is smart to start a regular disinfection of your office. We were ready and prepared for the beginning; we were here for the second wave, and we will continue to work hard for you this new year.


You may have read our past blogs about what we do to clean, so we will briefly mention it here. We want to prioritize where people will be the most. This means desks, conference tables, chairs, doorknobs, copy area, bathrooms and the breakroom. Places where individuals will touch the most items and surfaces is where we place the greatest focus. The breakroom is an especially important area, since coworkers may prepare and eat food there.


Since March 2020, we’ve recognized that our new responsibility is also in health safety. We want to not only make your office shine, but we also want to ensure that your employees are healthy. The way we do just that is by thoroughly cleaning your workspace.  A weekly or daily cleaning appointment should be effective in eliminating any germs and viruses that pose a health threat to the community. We want to ensure people can continue to go to work and go there safely, since your job is your livelihood. We at N&A Commercial Cleaning are more than willing to help.


Jumps in COVID-19 cases call for a good disinfection of the workplace. You don’t want your employees to suffer from this illness or any others. We will be glad to help you clean your office or workspace to make it look new and decontaminate any possible harmful viruses. If a daily or weekly cleaning appointment is what you need, contact us at 407-947-7186.