A Disinfection Cleaning Service Will Help Reduce the Risk of Illness in the Office

N&A Commercial Cleaning

With the end of the year approaching, it is time to prepare the office for seasonal festivities. This time of year is when we invite our employees to bring their families and friends in for events, and investors may be invited as well. The office must be at its cleanest to properly host people and events. A clean, healthy, and safe environment protects everyone who enters the office from germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria can be carried by water, air, food, dirt, insects, animals, and people into the workplace, and once the germs enter, they bring with them a long list of infectious diseases. In some cases, they can also bring emerging diseases that are newly antibiotic resistant, completely new, or reappearing in your area. The best way to deal with germs is a disinfection cleaning service that will help reduce the risk of illness in your office.


Disinfection is not a singular, stand-alone service. Disinfection begins with a deep, detailed clean. Dirty environments are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. To properly disinfect office spaces, make sure your cleaning company uses products recommended by the U.S. EPA’s list of disinfectants to reduce the risk of spreading infection. You might also need to clean and disinfect more frequently throughout the coming season, particularly if it has become a high traffic location, is poorly ventilated, has limited access to handwashing or sanitizer, or is regularly occupied by individuals at increased risk for severe illness. Here are three things to keep in mind when considering disinfection services.

  1. Cleaning is for surfaces; disinfection is for microbes and pathogens left on surfaces.
  2. Think about your environment and the contaminants and pathogens that could be there. Select detergent and disinfectants for your specific contaminants and pathogens. Make sure the process being used will do the job.
  3. Know how your disinfectant works. How long does it take to be effective? Does it need to be removed after the job is done?

Our cleaning experts are ready to serve you and your office with cleaning and disinfecting services that are second to none. Our combination of the latest technology and cleaning products and the care of our staff guarantee your office will be germ and bacteria free for all of your end of year needs. For more information on how we can help you get the deep clean and disinfection that you need, call us at 407-734-1728 or request a free estimate.