A Clean Study Area Helps Students


If you have read our past blogs and social media posts, you may have seen us advertising how we clean workplaces such as offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, and even retail stores. However, we also provide services to workspaces used most frequently by students. That includes libraries, campus buildings, tutoring centers, and classrooms. Students of all ages and types are in the home stretch for this school year, and we want them to finish successfully. Teachers and tutors can direct their attention to the students while we take care of the cleanliness of the learning environment.


Why do clean study areas matter?

The first reason is the promotion of better attention. A clean and tidy study space helps students focus on the task at hand. Decluttered spaces are free of distractions and the feeling of chaos and stress the clutter induces. Some examples of clutter are dirty carpets, overflowing trash cans, smudged windows, and unwiped tables and chairs. Good focus is needed to acquire good grades, and a clean space contributes to that focus.


The second reason clean study areas are important is making the place presentable to students in an inviting way. Whether you operate a school, private college, a university, tutoring center, or a library, creating an inviting atmosphere gives students a good feeling about where they are learning and helps motivate them to accomplish their goals. Whenever students enter a room or building, one of the first factors they notice is the cleanliness. When the place is clean, the owner or administration demonstrates a high level of respect and care for the learners and promotes an attitude of professionalism and confidence.


We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly cleanings for your place of learning. We also service heavy-duty jobs that require infrequent visits. Do you have dirty carpets? If so, we have truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment that will take away the toughest stains and make your floors look brand new. Is the exterior of the building dirty? No worries — we can clean the outside too. We also specialize in waxing floors, giving them a welcoming shine.


We at N&A Commercial Cleaning include many types of commercial buildings in our customer base, and we don’t want students to go excluded. If one of the previously mentioned services above sounds needed, or if just a scheduled daily/weekly cleaning is what you want, don’t hesitate to contact us! We strive for the best cleaning job for each of our clients. Call us at 407-947-7186 for more information.