A Clean Church Reduces Coronavirus Spread

We understand that your place of worship is important. As churches slowly begin to reopen in phases, it’s still beneficial to exercise caution due to the novel coronavirus. Along with following the state and county guidelines, one valuable priority is making sure your church is cleaned and sanitized when parishioners arrive.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we take pride in cleaning Orlando’s offices and workspaces. We also want to disinfect churches so you can remain safe from the virus while worshipping. As we clean businesses with care and efficiency, we’ll do the same for your churches. An expert cleaning job will make the building look shining new and eliminate any traces of germs and/or viruses.


With recent resurgences in Miami, south Florida, Tampa, and even our hometown of Orlando, sanitization is becoming more relevant than ever. Wiping down hard surfaces and cleaning doorknobs are just a few of the ways we disinfect areas. At churches, virus spread may be more susceptible due to possible close contact and singing which may make the virus a projectile. However, professional cleaning appointments may stop viral spread.


We will be happy to clean any pews, carpets, windows, surfaces and more so your church services can continue or begin again. Freshening up the air with disinfectant and cleaning places with frequent foot traffic will provide a layer of protection against COVID-19 and even make the place look pleasant and fresh, giving attendees peace of mind.


We can deep clean before Sunday services. A scheduled appointment on Friday or Saturday before the service grants you a thorough clean so everyone can arrive just 24 or 48 hours after the church has been sanitized. Health safety now comes with our cleaning appointments.


At N&A Commercial Cleaning, we recognize that we are part of public health safety when it comes to commercial cleanliness. Decontaminating spaces so your business or church can get rid of the harmful virus is now our number one concern in our services. Want to schedule a weekly or daily appointment? We’re available, ready, and glad to take on the responsibility. Contact us today at 407-734-1728!