9 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean This Holiday Season

9 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, it is even more important to maintain a clean and organized office environment. With the holidays come an increase in office decorations as well as more people coming in and out of the workspace. In the excitement of it all, it is easy for clutter and mess to accumulate. These 9 tips will ensure a tidy and inviting workspace throughout the holiday season.


  1. Declutter and Organize

There are about to be more decorations around the office, so encourage employees to declutter their desks and work areas. Remove unnecessary items, old decorations, and loose paper to create a cleaner and more organized environment.


  1. Minimize Decorations

While we want our office environment to feel festive, excessive décor leads to more dust and debris accumulation. Maintain professionalism with a balanced and tasteful approach to decorating.


  1. Invest in Doormats

Doormats at entrances trap dirt and debris from outside and prevent it from being tracked into the office. It can also be used to add functional festivity by being holiday themed.


  1. Provide Ample Storage Options

Sufficient storage solutions for both office supplies and holiday decorations will also help keep your office space clean and tidy. Encourage employees to use them to prevent clutter from piling up.


  1. Stock Cleaning Supplies

Keep cleaning supplies such as disinfectant wipes, paper towels, and hand sanitizers readily available for employees to use when needed.


  1. Establish a Cleaning Routine

A consistent routine with tasks like dusting, sanitizing surfaces, and floor care such as sweeping helps the whole office maintain a minimum level of cleanliness with a minimum level of work.


  1. Regularly Disinfect Shared Spaces

With more people coming and going from the office, high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, and communal kitchen surfaces should be regularly disinfected to prevent the spread of germs.


  1. Deep Cleaning Before Holidays

Plan a thorough deep cleaning session before the holidays begin and before the holiday break. This ensures that the office starts the festive season on a fresh, clean note.


  1. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

Sometimes it is too much, especially at the holidays, for employees to keep up with cleaning during the holiday season. Consider bringing in professional cleaning services for a thorough and periodic cleaning.


These 9 tips create a welcoming and organized office space that is ready to serve employees and guests throughout the holiday season. A clean workspace will also boost productivity and enhance the overall holiday spirit in the office. Don’t forget that we are always here to handle any cleaning needs you have. Maintenance cleaning, deep cleaning, floor care — we do it all. Contact us for a free cleaning estimate.