7 Pro Cleaning Tips Straight From The Experts

1. Hand. Sanitizer.


It sounds simple and maybe even a bit arcane, but placing hand sanitizer throughout an office space helps to prevent the transfer of dirt, grime, and bacteria. This is an especially good tip to combat flu season.


2. Use a pH neutral cleaner for floors


By using a pH neutral cleaner you are ensuring that you’re not inadvertently damaging the surface while cleaning it. This is incredibly important when cleaning or maintaining natural stone floors.


3. Don’t fall prey to routine


It’s very easy for cleaning professionals to develop cleaning habits and routines when they arrive at the workplace. But this can sometimes lead to overlooked or less in-depth cleaning. To fight this, switch up your cleaning procedures—use new technologies, products, or methods.


4. No detail is too small


When cleaning an office space, make sure to tidy up magazines in the waiting room, empty ashtrays, and clean areas around potted plants. These tiny details, though they may seem insignificant, are actually essential to giving your office that “squeaky clean” appearance.


5. Never clean the kitchen area with chemicals


For sensitive areas like the kitchen or other areas that encounter human consumption, try to clean with green products. Distilled white vinegar or eco-friendly cleaners are preferred over harsh substances like bleach or ammonia.


6. Change mop heads regularly


What good is looking clean if it doesn’t smell clean? Mop heads are not self-cleaning despite spending a good deal of time submerged in cleaning solutions. They come into contact with the dirtiest part of your office—the floor. Debris brought in from outside, spilled substances, and other materials get ground into the surface of the floor 8-hours a day, 5-days a week.


7. Dust from top to bottom


This is one of those tips that make you question the way you’ve been doing everything. By dusting from top to bottom you ensure than any dust or dirt that may fall from higher areas will get subsequently cleaned from the lower areas. Instead of starting at the bottom and having to re-clean lower areas as dust and dirt fall.