7 Between Professional Office Cleaning Tips

The great thing about hiring a professional cleaning service is knowing that your office is regularly receiving the detailed attention necessary to keep it looking clean and orderly. However, depending on your cleaning program, there may be a bit of time between cleanings and keeping things under control between those days may be a challenge, depending upon the nature of your office and business.



However, there are many easy tips and quick fixes that can help keep things under control until your commercial cleaning service can come in and do their thorough cleaning.



Here are 7 cleaning tips specifically for those between-professional cleaning periods:



  1. Empty waste baskets daily



This is the easiest and most influential tip. Accumulated trash can invite odors, pests, and other unwanted guest into your office. Getting into the habit of having employees empty their own waste baskets at the end of the day are a huge help.



  1. Mop up spills



During the busy work day, it’s not uncommon for spills to be addressed with little more than a paper towel and some water. Keep something akin to a Swiffer® floor cleaner handy and accessible to staff so they can easily and thoroughly address potential spills.



  1. Pre-treat stains



Once stains set on upholstery and fabric, they become much more difficult to remove. Keeping a can of foam upholstery cleaner spray on hand and spot treating areas like your front office and lobby can help these surfaces stay clean longer and reduce the need for constantly replacing your furniture.



  1. Invest in an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for your store room



Depending on your office’s needs, making running a vacuum through the building at the end of the work day can pick up any debris that gets tracked in from the outside and is also convenient for any in-between cleaning mishaps and accidents.



  1. Buy disinfecting wipes



While these shouldn’t be relied upon too heavily, they are a great way for employees keep their work areas clean and hygienic and can reduce the number of sick days taken and boost productivity.



  1. Empty the fridge on Fridays



Have everyone date everything placed in the fridge and regularly toss things that remain two days after the written date. In addition, toss anything left in the fridge at end of day on Friday to prevent odor.



When it’s time for that big cleaning, consider N&A Commercial Cleaning. With our 5-star rating and reputation for dependability and spotless work habits, you’ll love what we do.