6 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets


Even the most Type-A among us will undoubtedly suffer a few carpet spills every now and again. Before you rush out to buy the latest in carpet cleaning tech from your local grocery or superstore, check out these professional carpet cleaning secrets:


1. Don’t scrub, blot


Scrubbing or rubbing at stains actually causes the stain to be ground into the fibers of the carper and leads to premature wear of the fiber. Instead, gently blot stains with cleaning solution and a clean cloth, towel, or sponge.


Pro tip: Always blot from the outside of a stain and move inward. Blotting from inside out can spread the stain.


2. Club soda


You may have heard someone request club soda after suffering a spill in a restaurant or at an event. Club soda is an effective solution for beer or wine stains when used properly. Simply dab the stained area with the soda on a clean cloth until the stain begins to lift. For more difficult stains a solution of equal parts club soda and white vinegar allowed to sit for 10-15 minutes can help.


Once the stain is gone, rinse the spot with warm water and brush the carpet into its natural direction. Finally, lay a paper towel over the area weighted with a heavy object (i.e. large cookbook, or phonebook) to absorb the excess moisture, and remove when dry.


3. Break out the shaving cream


One of the most well-known stain-busters in the cleaning industry is shaving cream. It’s effective on a wide range of general stains. Just apply the cream directly to the stain and let sit for around 30-minutes and blot it away with a dry cloth (preferably white). Top the stain-fighting goodness off by spraying the area with equal parts vinegar and water and wiping the solution away with a cloth.


4. Dishwasher detergent for grease


Dishwashing detergent is a superior grease-fighter on and off the dishes. Use a drop or two of your favorite dish soap brand in a cup of water and just blot out the stain. You may need to try multiple passes of this technique for larger, heavier stains.


5. Iron out wax


If you or anyone in your household are fond of candles then you’ve inevitably dealt with some stray wax droplets which quickly dry into a difficult mess. The best way to remove wax stains is with an iron. Place a cloth over your iron and put the iron over the stain to heat the wax beneath it. Once the wax is warm, scrape it off the carpeting with a butter knife.


Pro tip: After the stain is removed place a clean paper towel over the area the stain was and iron over it. The melted wax will bind to the paper and disappear from the carpet. (NOTE: Do not leave an iron on your carpeting for longer that 30-seconds to avoid burning!)


6. Hydrogen Peroxide for blood


For dried blood stains, try hydrogen peroxide. First, use a mild detergent solution to soften the blood and loosen the stain, scraping off as much blood from the fibers as you can. Afterwards, apply the peroxide directly to the stain and blot from the outside in.


N&A Commercial Cleaning are aware of these and other carpet cleaning tips and are dedicated to providing the best service for their customers. From general office cleaning to daily janitorial services, N&A can fit your budget and your needs.