5 Ways to Keep the In-Office Kitchen Clean





An in-office kitchen is considered a desirable perk in most workplaces. Having a space where employees can cook, store their food and eat their lunches is nice but all this use and utility means the kitchen is bound to get dirty and require some cleaning.


We’re probably all come across a wayward sign in the office kitchen. You know the one. It is often some variation of, ‘we’re not your mom, clean up after yourself.’ However cute the joke or limerick, it’s probably unlikely to leave a lasting impact on the behavior of your officemates.


Thankfully, N&A Commercial Cleaning is here to provide you with some in-office kitchen cleaning tips that should help keep even the busiest of offices cleaner longer.


Here are five steps you can take to keeping this important communal space office clean:

1. Set a scheduled “fridge clean out” day

Do this each week. Post a notice in a location visible to all employees that any food remaining in the refrigerator on X day will be tossed. Ensure you give all employees a heads up the day of so you don’t accidentally throw out someone’s lunch.

  1. Create a cleaning schedule

And stick to it. In addition to any office custodial staff, hold employees accountable by creating a schedule that puts a different person in charge of kitchen cleanup each week.


  1. Never leave open food

On counters or other surfaces as they can attract bugs and leave rogue odors.


  1. Clean microwave splatters immediately

This helps to prevent debris from caking or building up, leading to much tougher cleanup later.


  1. Switch to scented trash bags
    They can help mask any offensive odors and make the task of taking out the trash less unpleasant.

Keeping your office kitchen clean can reduce the number of pests in your office and boost office morale by instilling a sense of pride in your workplace. But when employee efforts fall short, call the office cleaning professionals at N&A Commercial Cleaning.