5 Tips For Beautiful Streak-Free Windows

woman washing windows with clouds in the background


Windows make a big impression. So big, in fact, that clean windows were the fifth-highest ranked surface on a survey that polled cleaning satisfaction. At N&A Commercial Cleaning we know how important your windows are, which is why we take the utmost care in cleaning them. Here are some professional window cleaning tips to keep your windows sparkling clean:


1. Vacuum first


This might seem odd at first, but just like you sweep your floors before mopping, you should prepare the entire window area prior to washing. This means vacuuming away dirt and debris on windowsills, in corners and on screens. Vacuuming prior window washing reduces streaks, and potential scratching from trapped particles.
Pro Tip: Dip a cotton swab in some white vinegar to remove grime and built up films in corners and window jambs.


2. Wait for a cloudy day


While your first instinct may be to use the natural light from a sunny day to help you see and eliminate streaks, washing windows in sunny weather may actually enhance them. The warmth from the sun causes the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leaving undesirable streaks. For best results wait for a cloudy day or days topping out at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


3. Ditch the paper towels and use a squeegee


It’s no coincidence that you never see professional using paper towels on their windows. Squeegees really are the optimal tool for cleaning your windows. A 10- to 12-inch squeegee usually works well with most sized windows, scale up or down accordingly for differing sizes. Make sure that there is a quart-inch gap between the squeegee edge and the edge of the windowpane.


4. Less is more when washing windows


You can ignore the lofty promises of streak-free windows that most cleaners claim to provide on their labels. It’s possible to attain a streak-free shine with dish soap and water. A few drops per bucket of water will cut through grease, dirt, and grime (and is safe for tempered glass). Any more than a few drops and you run the risk of leaving behind a soapy residue on otherwise clean windows.
Pro Tip: A 1-to-1 ratio of vinegar can really put the shine back in your windows (if you don’t mind the smell!)


5. Microfiber is your friend


Resist the urge to reach for the paper towels to dry your newly cleaned windows. Paper towels can leave behind lint, instead use a microfiber cloth, a soft T-shirt, or a crumpled piece of black-and-white newspaper (coffee filters also work!).


At N&A Commercial we use the latest and most effective techniques to leave your windows sparkling clean. Call today for a free estimate.