5 Prep Tips For Your Office Party

office party prep tipsIt’s the end of the year and time to celebrate.  Many companies use their main office as a holiday party venue. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your holiday office party goes off without a hitch.


1. Make the preparations a team affair

The company supplies the tree and larger decorations. But the decorating process can be a fun team-building experience, so encourage employees to chip in. Arrange for an area that can accommodate folding tables (plastic tablecloths are recommended for the inevitable spills).


2. Potlucks are golden

The company can arrange the main dish but everyone can bring a side, appetizer, or dessert to share.


3. Make setup and cleanup easy

If you plan your party to begin from lunchtime onward, employees can clean up their work areas early.  Provide cleaning utensils, gloves, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Put any important papers away because spills happen!


Have folding chairs and tables set up if you decide to play games or exchange gifts. Make sure everything is accessible and easy to put away.  Get everyone involved. There’s something about the festive music and the anticipation of food and snacks that makes prep time more fun.


4. Pre-treat vulnerable areas

A coating of furniture polish will make cleanup easier especially for spills, allowing sticky messes to come up easier. Have paper towels, wet-naps, and napkins available for that inevitable mess.


5. Make room

Move unneeded items to an unused area of the office. This prevents trips and falls. A trash can in the wrong place… well, you know what we mean. But do have a large trash can available for the big clean up. It’s easier too.


N&A Commercial Cleaning is always available for party prep and cleanup. Give us a call and we’ll make sure everything is clean and spotless, including important areas like restrooms, which should be cleaned both before and after. N&A Commercial Cleaning goes that extra mile to make things sparkle. We use Eco-Friendly cleaning products without harsh smells. Call us today!