5 Habits of a Professional Cleaning Company

Woman cleaning  drain in bathroom with steamWhen you hire a commercial cleaning company for your business you want the best. There are several ways to find the right cleaning company to fit your needs. Looking for these five habits can help you choose.


The first habit of a quality cleaning company is ensuring their employees are properly trained and certified. The International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association has a list of several certifications and training programs available. The top certifications are from OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. This is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. A few of the certifications required for specialty cleaning services can include mold inspection and remediation services, blood-borne pathogens certification, and chemical hazards certification.


Having the proper certifications and trainings coincides with the second habit of a cleaning company. This is acquiring the knowledge and staying up-to-date about the cleaning standards of the industries they service. Businesses in industries such as the medical field have stringent cleaning regulations. Professional cleaning companies must have the training and the qualifications to clean and sanitize offices, and other areas to pass government and association inspections and review. All businesses have their own rules and regulations of what is considered the cleaning standard for their industry. It’s important for professional commercial cleaning companies to know the local, state, and government regulations for all types of businesses they clean.


The third habit is they stay up-to-date on all the required insurance coverage for their business. In order for a cleaning company to be able to provide industry and business standards of cleaning services they must be bonded and insured. Each location has specific laws, rules and regulations of what type of insurance a business needs. General liability insurance is a must have. There may also be insurance coverage available for specific cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, and office cleaning.


A fourth good habit of a cleaning company is having the newest technology in cleaning appliances and products. This shows a high level of commitment to their business and yours. Quality cleaning equipment saves both you and the cleaning company time and money. There is no down-time due to broken equipment. High technology equipment provides better performance. This is also true with cleaning products. You want a cleaning company that uses the best products for your cleaning needs. A company that has their own brand of cleaning products shows a high level of knowledge about the cleaning industry they are in.


The fifth habit of a professional cleaning company is one that exhibits a people oriented business environment. They are timely and courteous. A quality cleaning company is concerned not only about how clean an office is but how a clean business environment affects you, your employees and your customers.


Good cleaning companies often have certain habits that set them apart. Having the training, certifications, proper insurance and quality supplies, and a people orientated atmosphere shows a high level of commitment and professionalism. Those are the five habits of a quality professional cleaning company.



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26 May 2016