10 Home Cleaning Tips You Didn’t Know

Your home or office should always be clean to prevent germ buildup and to simply make you feel comfortable and organized. Cleaning isn’t always the most fun job so finding easy tricks can be of extreme value. Lucky for you, we have compiled ten great tips to make cleaning easier and effective.


#1. Brighten Up Your Sneakers


Bring back that brand new look in your tennis shoes by scrubbing them with some toothpaste. Who knew you could clean more than your teeth?


#2. Soften Fuzzy Towels


After time your towels can lose its softness, but instead of buying new ones just wash your towels with hot water and a cup of ammonia. Don’t even add anything else! You’ll be back to having soft, comfy towels in no time.


#3. Don’t Overdo Denim


Jeans can be worn multiple times without needing to be cleaned. Cleaning your denim too often can cause discoloration, shrinking and wear and tear. The same concept can be applied to bras.


#4. Clean Those Cutting Boards


Cut a lemon in half and run the cut side of the lemon against the board. This will remove the stains and smells from worn out cutting boards. If your board needs extra attention, add a sprinkle of salt or baking soda before running the lemon on the board.


#5. Eliminate Greasy Stains


Have kids that tend to get food in places other than their mouth? Or maybe you had some bad luck at the office when eating your Caesar Salad? Either way, don’t be too worried because there is an easy fix for those irritating stains.


Rub a bit of dish detergent into the stain and rinse with water. This method works on most fabrics! It’s that simple.


#6. Is Your Home Smelly?


Try adding some fruits or herbs to a vinegar solution and then using a spray bottle to get your home smelling amazing. You can find some quick and easy recipes here.


#7. Use Ketchup For More Than French Fries


If you have copper pots, pans, or decorations, then try using ketchup to shine the copper and bring out its greatest potential. Just a little bit can have your copper shining again.


#8. Vodka For More Than Happy Hour


You can use vodka to clean your porcelain items within the home. They’ll be shining like you’ve never seen before. Just moisten a clean, soft cloth with vodka and apply to the porcelain. It’s a different type of happy hour.


#9. Choose Liquid


Your bathroom will be clean for a longer amount of time if you have liquid soap instead of bar soap. This will eliminate the grimy soap dish and keep your countertops goop-free.



#10. Freshen Up Your Microwave


Prepare your microwave for a thorough clean by heating a cup of water with chopped-up lemon on high. Microwave until window is steamy and let sit for 15 minutes before opening and cleaning grime with ease.


Take these tips and get to cleaning! Or call a commercial cleaning company if you don’t have time to clean the office.