10 Germ-Harboring Areas In Kitchens

If you were to ask anyone their opinion about where the dirtiest room in their home or business is many responses would point to bathrooms—and understandably so. However, new evidence has revealed that kitchens are also a mecca for germs and bacteria.


Here are the filthiest areas of your kitchen that may be harboring harmful germs.


1. Dishcloths & Sponges


New research released from Drexel University has revealed that the average dishcloth or kitchen sponge can contain as much as 64% bacteria!


Pro Tip: Regularly disinfect your sponges by boiling them in hot water with ¾ cup bleach to 1 gallon of water for at least 5 minutes.


2. The Sink


The same study out of Drexel University found that kitchen sinks showed shocking numbers of fecal bacteria upwards of 44% and E. coli at 15%.


Pro Tip: Rinse sink then sprinkle baking soda onto surface (work into a paste) and rinse again. Line with paper towels soaked in white vinegar and allow to sit for 20-min, then dispose. Clean faucets and handles with mild soapy solution.


For garbage disposals—sprinkle half cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar down the disposal and let sit for a few minutes. Pour boiling water down the drain then fill drain with two cups of ice and one cup of rock salt (or regular). Run cold water and turn on the disposal until the ice is gone. Take a lemon cut in half and add the halves to the disposal with the water on and disposal running.


3. Refrigerator Vegetable Drawer & Meat Compartment


NSF’s germ study analyzed 14 most common kitchen items and found the vegetable drawer often contains salmonella, listeria, mold, and yeast.


4. Can openers


You may want to start throwing your can opener into the dishwasher with your dishes. They have been found to harbor salmonella, E. coli, mold, and yeast.


5. Kitchen Counters


Most people end up wiping down their countertops with contaminated sponges or cloths, effectively spreading germs and bacteria to other surfaces.


Pro Tip: Avoid wiping counters with sponges and cloths and instead use disinfectant wipes.


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